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  1. Place the pad on the floor, patterned side up.

  2. Familiarize the dog to the pad, allowing them to smell and walk on it. If they don’t use it immediately, take them back when they need to go until successful.

  3. Reward them with a treat or enthusiastic praise.

  4. Repeat a few times until they fully understand.

  5. When soiled, remove by gathering and carrying the 4 pad corners together to prevent any excess fluid from leaking out the the edges. Replace and wash as needed.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS -For the longest life of these reusable pads please follow these instructions.


  1. Rinse all material from pad before washing.

  2. Machine wash with warm or cold water only. (HOT water can permanently set urine stains and smell in the pad)  

    • For HE machines: use normal or heavy duty cycles with prewash, extra rinse and add extra water if available as a cycle option 

    • For regular machines: use normal cycle 

  3. Tumble Dry very low heat or hang dry.

  4. Use non-chlorine bleach if necessary. Do not iron or use fabric softeners as these will impede the pads performance.

  5. For sanitizing, strong urine smells and/or any staining, apply white vinegar on area prior to machine washing. Baking soda can be added too for extra tough jobs.

Do Not: 

  • use bleach

  • use water hotter than 135 degrees F

  • use any type of fabric softener as these cause liquids to be repelled instead of absorbed

  • puncture, place on or use any items that can puncture the pad as this will ruin the waterproof layer.

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